Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Should I be Scrappin?

Ummmm Yeah! ..... I am totally aware of the many boxes of scrap .... junk  that is accumulating in my wee little craft room, but having a drawing and some pens on the go is so much simpler. I can have a bit of a colour on the kitchen bench while making dinner or in front of the Telly at night. Scrappin will just have to wait until that bug hits again!
This is my first attempt at using the skin tone Copics. She is obviously very Manga/anime inspired. I am not very good at faces so I think that will be what I should work on next, I'm also not happy with the boots but I only have one shade of black pen!
I have also used Soft Pastels and Souffle pens!

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Lizzyc said...

wow this looks fabulous! do what you feel like.. no rules!!